They Say That Breaking Up Is…

Hard to do.

Yeah we know. But that’s not what’s going on here, folks. It’s just not. Not exactly.

It’s been a while… obviously, that’s totally my bad. Let’s catch up, real quick and dirty.

So I graduated from college, then went through a phase of major anxiety and self doubt (i.e. job hunting), and finally, after numerous rounds of  awkward video interviews I found the place where I think I’m supposed to be right now– Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve ecstatically accepted a fellowship with Time Inc.’s lifestyle group, and will begin working with the editorial team at Cooking Light magazine in less than a week. I leave tomorrow. I’m beyond stoked, ya’ll.

Alas, with all of this excitement coming on, I’ve been paying B&F far less attention than it deserves. In fact, the attention thing has been an issue for an embarrassingly long time and what all of this means is… it might just be time say adieu. This blog has been an amazing avenue for me to connect with others, share my passions, experiment/grow in the kitchen, and document my college experience. I cherish the night I stayed  up until 4 a.m. creating Beauty & the Feast, I cherish the memories attached to each post and recipe, I cherish the support I’ve found through writing here. That said, as I move into a fresh stage of my life, it wouldn’t be fair for me to drag B&F along if I can’t give it everything I’ve got.

I missed my traditional birthday post listing off significant(ish) stuff I’ve learned during the year, so for my farewell and for my own self-reflection, I’d like to throw out a few things I  want to learn during the next chunk of my life, accompanied by a barrage of food photos from over the course of this month. Cause everyone likes to stare at food, yeah?

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Cures for Mild Life Anguish

Totally honest, I’m the farthest thing in the world from bummed right now.

Even still, finding yourself bummed out/dissapointed/down in the dumps is just a part of life. It happens.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how cruddy your day looks, there are plenty of ways to alleviate the yucks that don’t involve crying under the covers. In no particular order below, you’ll find five cures that I’ve recently found to be quite potent.


© 2013 Lyric Lewin

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Rustic Italian Loaf

I’m not all too sure why people these days be hating on bread so much.

With the 90’s came the explosion of Atkins and Slimfast. Now, everyone and their brother, sister, father, and mother feel the dire need to go gluten-free… so they can eat fake bread.

People with Celiacs, sure, smart move. Everyone else, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

Whatever way you want to spin it, bread turns out to be the Antichrist of carbohydrates every time.

Seriously? No. It’s not fine. I’m here to say– and say it loud– bread be good.

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Nine Ways to Make Any Week Better

Not that you’d guess it considering my words from a few days back, but after I shut down the pity party, guess who had a nice week. A truly wonderful week, in fact.

Most of it wasn’t my doing, but I did end up finding a handful of things that are pretty much guaranteed to improve your week. This week, or any old week.

Maybe you can wedge a couple into your life over the next seven days. If there’s a chance that doing so could make a cruddy week good or a good week great, why not?

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Pasta, Panna Cotta, & Post-Grad Pondering

After four glorious years in the Bulldog Nation, I done graduated. I’ve been a University of Georgia alumnus for a solid week now.

It’s a strange feeling… not knowing what’s next and such. But before I’m too entrenched in sorting that out, I wanted to stop for a second and look back and what’s behind.

Lists are my best sorting device, for tangible items as well as not so tangible items… like feelings and thinkings that need to go somewhere. I originally thought about pulling together a list of all the things I’ll miss about college.

Then I realized how dumb that would be. What good would any such list do for me or anyone else? Instead, I’m throwing out a list of the more valuable lessons I’m taking away from college. Bear with me.

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Raspberry & Pistachio Fudge Brownies


So because I’m heading into an ominous pit of uncertainty and anxiety–i.e. college graduation– in a mere week, I’m trying dagum hard to be optimistic about the day-to-day. You know, focus on the good and the hopeful to avoid thoughts of living on the street.

I’m trying, yes. But a handful of painful occurrences  had me close to despising all humanity last week.

I know. Harsh. It’s okay. Calm yourself.

I’m reflecting on these negatives and pulling out the positives. There’s always a silver lining., even if you have to completely make it up… once you do, it exists. And it’s legit.

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Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today, I am thankful.

I am  thankful for each of the tiny blessings that somehow end up enveloped into a generic mess whenever I say, I’m thankful for everything I have.    

And then, that’s that. No further thought necessary, folks.

Today, I’m thankful for the things that aren’t mentioned around the Thanksgiving table. The minute items and actions that can make every average day so insanely enjoyable, when we take two seconds to take notice.

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