They Say That Breaking Up Is…

Hard to do.

Yeah we know. But that’s not what’s going on here, folks. It’s just not. Not exactly.

It’s been a while… obviously, that’s totally my bad. Let’s catch up, real quick and dirty.

So I graduated from college, then went through a phase of major anxiety and self doubt (i.e. job hunting), and finally, after numerous rounds of  awkward video interviews I found the place where I think I’m supposed to be right now– Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve ecstatically accepted a fellowship with Time Inc.’s lifestyle group, and will begin working with the editorial team at Cooking Light magazine in less than a week. I leave tomorrow. I’m beyond stoked, ya’ll.

Alas, with all of this excitement coming on, I’ve been paying B&F far less attention than it deserves. In fact, the attention thing has been an issue for an embarrassingly long time and what all of this means is… it might just be time say adieu. This blog has been an amazing avenue for me to connect with others, share my passions, experiment/grow in the kitchen, and document my college experience. I cherish the night I stayed  up until 4 a.m. creating Beauty & the Feast, I cherish the memories attached to each post and recipe, I cherish the support I’ve found through writing here. That said, as I move into a fresh stage of my life, it wouldn’t be fair for me to drag B&F along if I can’t give it everything I’ve got.

I missed my traditional birthday post listing off significant(ish) stuff I’ve learned during the year, so for my farewell and for my own self-reflection, I’d like to throw out a few things I  want to learn during the next chunk of my life, accompanied by a barrage of food photos from over the course of this month. Cause everyone likes to stare at food, yeah?

In the next four years:

1.) I’d like to learn how to grow something edible without killing it off before it’s actually ready for eating.

2.) I’d like to learn just about everything there is to be learned about the inner workings of a major magazine in today’s media market. Try that alliteration on for size.

3.)  I’d like to learn how to write legibly. Consistently. Like all the time . Even when I’m not trying.

Fried strawberry hand pie… because the only way to make pie better is to deep fry it and top it with ice cream

4.) I’d like to learn how to make my bath towels feel like a baby duck and smell like a field of lavender after a spring rain. Somehow, grown women seem to know how to do that. I need to know. 

5.) I’d like to learn what major goals I specifically want to chase for the rest of my adult life. Or at least for the next 5-10 years.

6.) I’d like to learn how to hold an intelligent conversation about wine. And another about beer. As in conversation beyond, “Oh yeah, this is tasty… and I like alcoholic beverages. Yum.”

Birthday bagel– everything bagel sandwich with lox, tomato, red onion, capers, roasted red pepper cream cheese

7.) I’d like to learn to remember people’s faces 100% of the time after we’ve met and remember names at least 90% of the time. As of right now, both of those things are resting at significantly lower percentages.

8.) I’d like to learn to be the person who’s never afraid to approach someone, and proceed to drown them with giddy charm and kindness.

9.) I’d like to learn how to create and abide by an adult budget. Hopefully, one which will eventually be based upon an adult salary.

Birthday dinner– pecan crusted trout, fresh okra/tomatoes, creamy Gouda grits

10.) I’d like to learn just how strong I am. I’m not flexing any of my muscles to there full potential right now… physically, mentally, or otherwise. I’m just not.

11.) I’d like to learn how to fearlessly turn on a gas stove. And a grill too for that matter. Reach for the stars, right?

12.) I’d like to learn how to stop once I’ve said/done enough. That one last sentence likely won’t going to get the desired effect if the first twenty didn’t.

Cookie dough ice cream with a side of friendship: healer of all woes and mental breakdowns

13.) I’d like to learn to avoid being standoffish to people I don’t know well.

14.) I’d like to learn how to love unselfishly.  Far fetched, but it can be done. I do believe I’ve witnessed it.

With that, I thank you all so stinking much for following along with me over the past three years. They have proven to be more worthwhile than I could have ever imagined. Also, I have a new project in the works, so keep an eye out.

Final sentiment: eat well, live loud, smile a lot. Thank you. 

My last ever burger from Farm 255. We’re both leaving Athens.


One thought on “They Say That Breaking Up Is…

  1. Oh, how I’m gonna miss this! Another finished phase on your journey. I am so stoked for you too! I love you 🙂

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