Cures for Mild Life Anguish

Totally honest, I’m the farthest thing in the world from bummed right now.

Even still, finding yourself bummed out/dissapointed/down in the dumps is just a part of life. It happens.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how cruddy your day looks, there are plenty of ways to alleviate the yucks that don’t involve crying under the covers. In no particular order below, you’ll find five cures that I’ve recently found to be quite potent.


© 2013 Lyric Lewin


Um, chocolate is good for your soul, the end. The flourless chocolate cake pictured above is sure to do you right. In fact, I guarantee it.

Make it, eat it, share it, smile.


Finish a project

Technically, making limoncello was my boyfriend’s project, but I totally helped. And I enjoyed finishing it with him. It feels great to wrap up an incomplete “to-do” item, and reveling in that satisfaction will certainly distract you from whatever has you feeling down.

Especially when satisfaction is lemony sweet. And alcoholic.

I’ll post the recipe later this week.


Hold something cuddly and cute.

This one is kind of a double-edged sword. If you think you could simply enjoy the therapeutic qualities associated with adorable puppy play, go for it. Enjoy.

If you’re something more like myself and think you may end up naming said puppy (Little Boo) and crying when it’s time to hand him back to the store attendant,  you should probably ignore the guy on the side of the street advertising the puppy sale at Petland. Avoid him at all costs and go make a list of things you need before spending $1,110 on a puppy… things like  a new laptop, automotive work, getting your wisdom teeth removed, etc.

Dang, I’m sorry that’s going to slap you back into a bad mood. Forget everything I just said. Adopt a puppy, be happy.


 Address a mess.

If you have a mountain range of dirty dishes spanning through your sink and across the counter or maybe a month’s worth of laundry spilling out of the hamper, hunker down and take care of business. Focus intently on eliminating clutter/crud and before you know it any lingering glumness will be replaced with a sense of self accomplishment and pruney dish hands.



Take a walk. 

Yes oh yes, take a friend and unwind with an evening walk. Better yet, unwind with an evening walk to the liquor store. Pick up a bottle of moscato and continue walking on back to your friend’s porch.

Enjoy cheap wine and rich conversation, be healed of any and all anguish.

Because life is good.


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