Birds Nests

To the food bloggers and general food enthusiast crowd, laugh away. Go ahead, laugh your happy asses off.

I am 100% showcasing a totally tactless, frazzled soccer mom bake sale treat the day before Easter. I’m doing it, and I’m not at all ashamed because:

A.) They’re scrumptious

B.) Someone has to stand up for the frazzled soccer moms

Today, I feel like the one to do it.

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SXSW… a road trip

Hi friends.

Wanna hear a solid college girl-type whine? Cause I got one–

I miss spring break. I miss it bad.

Not because I’m one of the beach-going, bikini-rocking, booty-dancing, spring-breaker chicks… but because I miss day after day of fantastic food, no communication law exams, no job applications, and good stuff like that.

For spring break this year, my bestie, my boyfriend, and myself packed up and ventured to Austin, TX for SXSW 2013. From the journey, I bring a collection of tips–both for enjoying the SXSW experience and road-tripping in general.

Here we go.

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Grits Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust

Many moons ago, before the blog and the all night baking marathons, I was but a lost and scared young thing who was fresh out of the freshman dorms/meal plan and trying to figure out how to eat well without busting my small bank account. I turned to Google; and in my time of need, Google turned me to countless college insight articles that essentially told me two things:

A.) Ramen Noodles are cheap.      …Duh

B.) You can stick things like canned meat and frozen vegetables in your Ramen to boost the nutritional quality/add variety.      …Ew

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Baked Ginger-Soy Wings

Thank the sweet Lord above for weekends.

All week, I’ve been hung up on whining about where I am in my collegiate career– poor, worn out, and confused with no comfort except that I’m probably about to get poorer, more worn out, more confused and likely homeless after graduation. Aha, the best has yet to come. For anyone who doesn’t remember or hasn’t yet graduated college, this isn’t an abnormal train of thought. It’s really not.

Mind you, all (or most) of this has been mental whining. Nobody likes  a whiner and I’m not exactly trying to drive other people nuts while I’m driving myself nuts. That’s a lot to handle.

But but but, by limiting said whining to the confines of my skull, I have no choice but to reflect on it a smidge harder. And guess what… that’s not such a bad thing.


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Cheers to New Years

I know I’m a couple days late and, coming right out of the holiday season, quite a few dollars short… but Happy New Years, folks. I’m gonna go ahead and put this out there—2012 has been my favorite year to date. Definitely not the easiest, but for me, one of the most impactful of my 21 by far. And with that being that, I want to officially kiss it goodbye by highlighting my top 12 posts of 2012. These 12 rank as my favorites for the year partially because of the food, partially because of the stories and largely because of the experiences associated with each. Come now, reminisce with me for a sec…

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Goo Goo Clusters

So, the world didn’t end yesterday. Surprise, ya’ll.

Although I’m grateful that the ancient Mayans have no jurisdiction over the fate of our planet, I was thinking the other night… the world has to sooner or later. Hate to be a downer, but I reckon it does. And when it does, how many things are going to be left unsaid?

I’m incredibly guilty of it… holding stuff in when I’d really be better off to  shareI’ve been lucky to have someone reminding me of that increasingly often here lately. So much so that I remembered Post Secret might actually still exist. And it sure as heck does. I didn’t go posting any secrets, especially the one about the camel toe, but I thought hey, why not get some junk out in the air?

Here we go.

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Thoughts of Thanks

My original intent was to get the mandatory blogger’s list of holiday-spurred thanksgivings up by Monday of this week. Did not happen, obviously. That’s fine though, this is more timely anyway.

However, the reason this was not posted two days ago is because I haven’t accomplished too much of anything over the past two days. Mostly because I’ve barely left my bed during the past two days… not like in a depressing, hidden under the covers with a pint of Moose Tracks ice cream way. No, it’s been more along the lines of taking a “lazy day” to the utmost extreme (borderline too far) in completely checking out from real life. This experience may just go down in Darcy history as one of the most indulgent, rejuvenating and comfy time warps in my college career. And I dig it.

That said, for some reason, I’m having a shamefully tough time transitioning back into society, so bear with me if I sound a touch off. The past 48 hours were somewhat odd, but oh so wonderful. Mercy, those hours rich in reading, HBO and bed picnics did me good. I am beyond thankful for that Twilight Zoneish mental vaca.

Balsamic Green Beans with Mushrooms & Mint
Photo by Lyric Lewin

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