What’s Going On Here?

Why, I’m so glad you asked.

Hi, I’m Darcy and I like food. Actually, I really kind of love food. A lot.
I love to eat food, make food, smell food, stare at food, play with food and talk about food. And I sure hope you do too, because food is pretty much all we do around here. Food with a side of oddish life antics… that pretty much covers it. Ya dig?

I believe in the intense beauty existing in our eats. Beauty that goes far beyond fancy plating and delectable sensations to match. I believe in what food has to say.

What we eat delivers stories– my story, your story, that guy’s story, a nation’s story… whoever, we all got them. For me, food means sharing those stories and writing new ones. That could look like cooking with a partner, taking your pops out for breakfast or simply swapping recipes with a pal. As long as you’re loving life and loving your lunch, I’m all about it.

My purpose in pulling together this blog is simply to document and share my food-ventures with anyone willing to be shared with. These delicious escapades include, but are surely never limited to, cooking, sharing recipes, eating around and I guess whatever other foodish shenanigans we can get ourselves into. I’m feeling some serious learning, growing and chowing going down along the way. So let’s have some fun with it, shall we?
I think YES.

Now,  humor me for like 5 more seconds while I tell you a bit about myself…

As you know, my name is Darcy. Nice to meet you. I’m in my final year at the University of Georgia; thus, I live in Athens, Georgia, which is overall a pretty sweet place to reside. And to eat. I’m soon to graduate as a double major in consumer journalism and magazine journalism because… surprise surprise, I want to spend my life writing about food.    Fancy that.

Currently I serve as the managing editor, as well as the food editor, for a local, independently student-run magazine by the name of Ampersand. It consumes a good chunk of my life nowadays. But I like it like that. Cause it’s awesome. The end.

All in all, I’m just a goofy young thing trying to figure everything out. I live with a healthy balance of common sense plus trial and error. For the most part, I cook in the very same manner.

Once upon a time, I was a ballerina… and now, I eat cake for dinner on a regular basis. For whatever reason, people find that a somewhat ironic juxtaposition.    I don’t. Stuff I learned in ballet translates ridiculously well into real life. Tutus and tiaras make you a touch sharper and a pinch stronger than the average bear.

Out-of-left-field tangents are the norm for me. They will happen often. Just go with it.




My sleep schedule is a joke.
Speaking of jokes, I have an absurdly cheesy sense of humor. But I’m fine with it. Freaking love cheese.

I use the ellipses (…) way more than the legal limit, but whatever.
p.s. misuse of the ellipses lands among my biggest pet peeves in life. It’s not two dots, not four dots, not as many dots as you feel like throwing in for emphasis… it’s three. Always three. Never going to change.

Sweet stuffs are my favorite things to make and to eat. I can promise you, dessert will dominate here. Somehow, I’ve also picked up an odd reputation involving an infatuation with bacon. Strange.

If you were looking for the sugar-free, vegan guide to living, you can leave now.

That said, I live for farmers market Saturdays. Local farms are where it’s at.

I crave broccoli often. Baking bread products yields the utmost satisfaction. Coffee makes my world go round.

I have some amazing friends, who I’m sure you’ll meet along and along if you stick around. Love them a ton plus ten, even the picky eaters.

This is absolutely way more than enough about me. Apologies, I’m chatty. Let’s get cooking.


10 thoughts on “What’s Going On Here?

  1. So glad to have found your blog. So what have you been doing in Tampa Bay? An internship? I’m a Tampa Bay blogger myself. I write about local restaurants, as well as other local stuff and children’s book reviews. I found your blog through the Tour de Pizza FB page.

  2. I just happened upon your blog while looking for a recipe for bread pudding (deciding if it would be a good idea for the leftovers of the bread I make pretty regularly) and I have to say it is a really wonderful (“cool” – if you prefer I don’t sound like I’m writing for the New Yorker) blog. I really enjoy your writing – the pictures are great – the recipes…the whole thing is really fun, positive…and I really should go back to work.
    I wish you continued blogging and much success.

    • Well good sir, you have very much made my day. Thanks so much for the support! And I hope you find yourself an outstanding recipe for bread pudding… it’s one of my all time favorites desserts. EVER.

  3. I was never a fan of bread pudding until I tried Darcys. I and everone I know who’s tried it agree, it is the greatest.

  4. I started reading this blog about a year ago after seeing some fantastic looking dessert pictures on Darcy’s Facebook wall. I have been hooked ever since, and though I am a terrible baker, I love to read the funny stories and salivate over the pictures. I can guarantee though, that if Darcy was to ever open, own, or endorse a bakery…I would be there in a heartbeat buying everything in sight. Keep up the good work Darcy, your talent and passion for food will take you far 🙂

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