Nine Ways to Make Any Week Better

Not that you’d guess it considering my words from a few days back, but after I shut down the pity party, guess who had a nice week. A truly wonderful week, in fact.

Most of it wasn’t my doing, but I did end up finding a handful of things that are pretty much guaranteed to improve your week. This week, or any old week.

Maybe you can wedge a couple into your life over the next seven days. If there’s a chance that doing so could make a cruddy week good or a good week great, why not?

ONE. Try a new cheese. Heck, maybe pour a new wine too. You totally deserve it, friend. Cheese makes the world a more pleasant place.

Want a recommendation? You can have one regardless.

I picked up a highly acclaimed beaut from the cheese case this week. Ash-ripened and cradled in a tiny wooden crate, bonne bouche is a heck of a goat cheese, blessed with the rich creaminess of a brie. Definitely worth checking out.

TWO. Get a little dressed up. Put on something you love, even if you’re just running errands. Use that smell-good hair product you bought months ago with the intention of treating you hair well on a daily basis. It’s not like you need an excuse to feel spiffy/pretty/lovely. Just do it.

THREE. Take something that’s been floating around  in your head and get it out of there. Write it out, draw it out, talk it out… feels good no matter how you do it. In my case, I only have so much room up there, so an occasional tidying up sure don’t hurt.

FOUR. Spend as much time as you can spare with people that make you feel awesome with their presence  Grab a bite, take a stroll, climb on walls, share some debauchery… whatever it is you do.

Photo by Maura Friedman

FIVE. Do something crafty. Feel artisnal and stuff. Better yet, share a weekend project with someone you love.

Say your best friend suggests you spend the day together, turning a handle of vodka into a variety of liquers…  you should do that, for sure. It’s a great time of year for limoncello.

SIX. Eat your veggies. Okay, I know this one sounds doofy, but seriously vegging out feels good. Especially when fresh baked bread is involved.

SEVEN. If it’s an option, let someone else do the cooking. Even if you’re really great at it and all, you’re not the only person who can pull together a meal. So if you’re boyfriend (or anyone) offers to prepare a steak dinner for you, while you rest your rump, offer to help and accept graciously when your personal chef declines.

EIGHT. Pick up a new book. You’ll need something to do while you’re rump resting. [[See above]]

NINE. Do something sweet for someone you love. Cookie care packages are a nice touch.

Have a great week ahead, lads and ladies.


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