Banana Chip, Roasted Peanut & Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Peanut Butter Drizzle

So, I thought I’d take a brief hiatus from baking… to get my mind right and such. But then, I thought that sounded like a terrible idea.

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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I don’t know what’s going on. Ya’ll, I’m stuck in a straight up funk.

I can always tell when I’m a smidge off, because my baking suffers. Severely.

Seriously, If I didn’t follow a recipe… this week,  you best believe it bombed hard.

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Glazed Avocado Citrus Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate Coconut filling

You gotta love it when stuff just goes right. Not because you know what you’re doing… but just because it happened to happen that way.

Such was the case for these coconut-stuffed cookies before you. Definitely went into this one not knowing what we’d come out with on the other side, but winging it can always be fun as long as you keep a spirit of adventure throughout the journey…

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Chocolate & Walnut Ginger Sandwich Cookies with Banana Cream Filling

There are some things that sound strange, but in all actuality are  just plain awesome.

Like chocolate matched with ginger… I could see where some people might be mildly weirded-out by  having fresh spicy ginger all up in their chocolate. But trust me, everything about that combination is so right. I’m so sure about it.

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Fresh Apple Crisp

It’s 52 degrees out. By GA standards, that’s mildly frigid.

I got a cardigan on and I’m tossing cinnamon and cloves just about anywhere I can get away with. It’s that time… I’m falling hard for fall.  For me, these initial chilly signify two absolute necessities:

  1. my feet having fuzzy socks on them
  2. my oven having apples in it

Whether your people prefer crumbles over crisps or buckles over betties, ’tis the season for any and all of it.


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Sandwiches a la Ampersand

Back to school= back to cool.

Not exactly.  Back to school more so means desperately trying recapture the ability to study effectively… which is what I’m trying to do. Like now. It’s not working out too great.

I’m a senior, cut me some slack. I’m about to have to go face a cold world of repaying student debt and filing my own taxes and trying to find a job that provides dental. Gotta have the dental, I consume a lot of sugar.

So for now, I’m not completely devastated by my recently sagging enthusiasm for book learning. The lack of academic prudence simply shows that I’m doing other things, cooler things… like spending long afternoons/late nights/early morns with my Ampersand crew, and editing their Ampersand writings and writing my own Ampersand writings.

Like the one below, all about what you should pack in your lunch pail/bag/box/basket. You should absolutely go read the rest of the September issue for kicks and giggles. Do it now while it’s still September and relevant. Hurry.

October’s is coming out in less than a week. Whoops. Forever late. Story of my everything.


Photo by Lyric Lewin

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Plum Custard Tart with Pistachio Crust and Stone Fruit Reduction

In the category of things that make me an awful person: I have about as much to say right now as I have decent images to illustrate the goodness that is a nut-studded tart of fresh plums baked into a bubbling sweet custard.

Side note– I’m completely obsessed with pistachios right now. Hand me a salty bag of those suckers, and watch your fingers. Rawr.

So being that I’m incredibly engulfed with eating frozen salmon from a box and simultaneously being  snarky to graphic designers… let’s keep this short and sweet.

Let’s keep this one all about the tart.

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