Well this is rad(ish)…

Oh hi, long time… no speak.

If you fall into the handful of my regular readers–i.e. my mom, my ex-roommate, and a few fellow food enthusiasts who find my antics amusing–you may have noticed a recent lack of content here at Beauty and the Feast.

I reckon I owe you folks an explanation.

Alas, I don’t have much of one.

Honestly, I can’t understand how a solid month (and then some) has passed by since I offered my annual New Years sentiments. Now, New Years seems like nothing more than a distant memory involving drowning post-holiday remorse in too much André . Everyone is back to eating cake and procrastinating, yet somehow I haven’t procrastinated on school work to talk about cake one single time this year. And that ain’t kosher.

Long story short– a bunch of random personal junk came up and blogging fell to the back burner. It sucks, but it happens.

With that being that, let’s just say it’s fine, it’s cool, it’s okay… this is a radish situation. The “rad” part being that I’m back and feeling really rad about it. The “ish” being that it’s taken so stinking long for me to get here.

Quick side note— this drawn-out play on the word radish was inspired by a print I stumbled across a few weeks back. It was precious and witty and I happened to have taken a pleasant photo of radishes and dagumit, it was all too perfect. I couldn’t resist. Pardon my dweebish adoration for word play.

Real talk though, I seriously missed this.

I miss being cheesy and punny in a situation where people can’t react with blank looks (that I can see).

I miss going OCD  about recipe notes and snapping a billion photos of a of a single dish of pudding.

I miss having weekly incentive to experiment in the kitchen. I miss talking out food thoughts and life thoughts together.

I miss ya’ll.

And that, my friends, is the bottom line. I miss you and I’ll have grub coming at you in the immediate future.    Pinky promise.


3 thoughts on “Well this is rad(ish)…

  1. Hey, I found your blog today while searching for the difference between crostini and canapés. I found the difference between crostini and bruschetta instead (I was smartsy-farsty though and already knew that!). But I also had a laugh and checked to see what you’ve posted recently. Sad to see it’s been awhile. Happy to see you’re back though. I’m going to pin the rad(ish) image. Too funny. Hope you post some recipes and other funny punny things soon. -Christine

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