Once Upon a Summer

Even though summer heat and summer sun and summer produce will be around for a while longer, summer break is pretty much spent.

Looking back, the past couple of months seem a surreal blur. A blur of so many faces, places and occurrences that came and went before I even had a chance to process what the fudge was going on.

This summer has not been at all what I’d planned or expected. But you know what? I’m designating it the best summer of my young life.

Because that’s my prerogative.

I’m down for a reflective recap, if you are.

I had the opportunity to take another brief trip to NYC

with one of my best friends in this entire stinking world, staying in a fresh-to-death hotel, meeting people like Anderson Cooper and Amy Poehler, having my arm purposely touched by Channing Tatum, eating the most magnificent bagel of my life and mildly drunkening myself with free champagne at the Waldorf Astoria.

Not all at one time, of course.

I picked blackberries, I made ice cream and ate many more bagels.

If that trifecta ain’t a hearty taste of perfection, I don’t quite know what is.

Photo by Lyric Lewin

I’ve been reminded numerous times over how truly inspiring my peers can be.

I like reminders like that.

I witnessed my first issue as managing editor of Ampersand Magazine go to print.

Putting that sucker through production was stressful and the final product was far from perfect, but Ampersand’s Sounds of Summer  issue will ever reign as 32 pages of magnificent splendor to me. This happens to be the first publication I’ve ever truly invested a chunk of myself in. I reckon that’s special.

I drank too much beer. And too much wine. And too much liquor too. I also ate too much crap food.

My body pretty much hates me, but I don’t hate it. And despite all else, that feels nice.

I did, however, avoid dawning a bathing suit for the entire summer. An accomplishment in and of itself, for sure.


I listened. I danced. I felt– deeply.

My summer was alive with the sound of music. There was hardly a silent moment. No complaints.

I met too many cool people. Too many who are too cool for little ol’ me.

But I think I can deal.

I finally hit my 21st year of living life… marking the last major birthday before 30.  As I mentioned earlier, I drank too much.

Fancy that.

I hardly slept. And I hardly cared.

And amid all of that, I met this boy. He’s kind of great.

I’d planned to be a powerhouse of productivity this summer. I came into the month of May with grand ambitions; many of which were left somewhat unfulfilled–but I most certainly was not.

Instead of relentlessly prepping for the future, I allowed the present to embrace me with full force. It wasn’t the worst idea ever.

If we’re being honest, I’m semi-nervous about returning to strict schedules, homework assignments and generally normal life. It will all turn out just dandy though, cause I am now a senior in college. That’s a big deal and this is bound to be a big year.

Bring it.


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