Tastes of Summer

Ya’ll, I need to show you something real quick.

So, I’m the managing editor and food editor for this awesome little independently student-run magazine, Ampersand. I think I’ve mentioned that. Maybe. It’s all up in my newly renovated What’s Going on Here? page. Check it.

Anyway, our recently published summer edition features some truly phenomenal recipes for this here season of sun, contributed by a few top-knotch food folks around Athens.  If you live here, I hope you are a patron of each of their affiliated restaurants. If you don’t happen to live around here, you should visit. And eat.

I highly recommend reading through Ampersand’s entire Sounds of Summer issue… and I might be mildly biased, but I’m thinking the food section is as good as any a place to start. Might help with planning your dinner menu tonight. And with that, I invite you to enjoy the following food porn courtesy of Ms. Lyric Lewin, one of our amazingly talented photographers/writers. She is likewise responsible for the lovely new header image you see above. Plus, she lands among my favorite people ever. Muchos kudos to Lyric!

Okay, I’m done. Get at it.

Photo by Lyric Lewin

Braised pork belly with jalapenos, orange, avocado and arugula salad, crispy hominy and cilantro pistou

Recipe courtesy of Dean Neff, Chef de Cuisine of Five and Ten

Photo by Lyric Lewin

Summer beet and watercress salad– with herbed goat cheese creme fraiche and home pickled radishes; served with sauteed beet greens

Recipe courtesy of Patrick Carey, cook at Big City Bread Cafe

Photo by Lyric Lewin

Chilled carrot and ginger soup

Recipe courtesy of Ken Manring, owner of White Tiger Gourmet



p.s. please pardon my shameless promotion of publications and people. But when you’re promoting absolutely fantastic stuff, it’s not tacky in any way whatsoever. That’s the rule. I swear. Look it up.


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