The Weekend in Review

I couldn’t tell you the last time I was laying near dead in my bed at 10:00– p.m. or a.m.  But that was definitely me last night. This weekend has taken it out of me.

Turning 21 is exhausting.    In a good way.

Such a good way.

Tiring though it may have been, this weekend was so totally necessary.

The past few days have been exciting.

I tried new foods and ventured to new places… dawned a paper tiara through the streets of Athens and did the best inebriated version of single ladies any karaoke stage has ever seen. Goodness, I kissed a bald man’s bald head.

This weekend was fattening.

There was cake. There was ice cream. There was booze. There was bacon. And then, there was bread pudding.

I’ve had guests in town since Thursday… i.e. I’ve eaten out everyday since Thursday. I earned a VIP card upon first visit to a restaurant for consuming incomprehensible quantities of Mexican food in a single sitting.   Damn pupusas.


It was rejuvenating.

I reconnected with old friends I haven’t seen in ages, and spent a little more getting-to-know-you time with some new ones. Didn’t look at anything work-related for two days… looked at funny internet videos instead. I ate too much, drank too much, spent too much, laughed just enough.

I’ve listened to Call Me Maybe no less than 12 times.  I didn’t hate it.

The weekend was grounding.

A lot of real life talks were talked. Some of us formally recognized that we’re actually getting older… that we can drink wine with dinner, but can’t drink liquor as hard as our 16-year-old-selves. And some of us noticed that we need to find a legit job in less than a year, because the institutional learning phase that we’ve spent the majority of our lives in is rapidly approaching an end.
That’s not horrifying or anything.

We said the world is weird and scary and way far from perfect. Because it is, it’s our responsibility to know who we are and what we believe… and to consume objectively.

We said that people we know are weird and likewise far from perfect. But it’s a shame they don’t see how much more there is more for them than what they’re allowing themselves to experience.

We also said that we’re weird and ridiculously far from perfect too. And that’s fine. We’ve all been working at it, come quite a ways, and are still working. So what else can you do?

Notta alotta.


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