Wait… What’s a Taco Again?

The question…

This question– Wait, what’s a taco?                              <–that question

It actually happened. It came out of one of my best friend’s mouths last weekend.

Shortly followed with, Is that the thing with the chips?
Those are the kind of questions that make you wonder where you went wrong as a friend.

A rapid chain reaction of blank stares, dropped jaws, and questions of friendship immediately ensued.

The whole hairy mess culminated in a serious introduction to tacos.

Last weekend was  beautiful.

It was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and queso dip that could be likened to chipotle cheese velvet of the gods.

Which in all honestly sounds really weird, but I swear if you ate it… you’d understand. You would feel good about cheese velvet too.

Not to be confused with Velveeta.     Please don’t make that confusion.   Ever.

 You see, last weekend, I went to Davidson, North Carolina with one of my best friends to see our other best friend, because we are the three best friends that anybody that have.
We are.   Like you don’t even know.

And we three best friends ended up at Cabo Fish Taco.    Which I’m ridiculously grateful for.

1.) Because Guy Fieri was there first.  I don’t really see how this place counts as a diner,drive-in, or dive… but whatever. I felt powerful hair vibes just being there.

2.) Because I found love in a fish taco.  Love lives wrapped in a puffy, lightly fried flour tortilla.    Son of a biscuit, those were darn good tacos.

3.) Because I couldn’t continue a friendship with someone who’s never had a taco. That’d be strange.

 This weekend, I think back to last weekend.

Right now, I’m thinking back to grilled mango BBQ Mahi-Mahi tacos stuffed with Cabo slaw, tomato, avocado, cheese & cilantro white sauce.

Back to light,fresh, and frisky Nopalito Salad… black beans, chick peas, pickled cactus, get at me.

Lord help me, back to velvet cheese.

 I think back  to those happy times of last weekend.

Cause this weekend looks nothing like last weekend.   Nothing at all.

This weekend looks like  actually having to deal with life responsibility… which does not look pretty.

Actually, it looks just like me… only me not bathing, me not getting dressed, me not sleeping, and me not leaving my bedroom until serious work happens.
That’s just real life, people.  It happens.

Real life also accounts for the fact that the only thing I’ve given you this week is cruciferous vegetables and a discussion of fish tacos you’ll likely never eat.    I’m real sorry for that.
I feel like I’ve said this a lot lately… but things will get better. There will be cookies and stuff.
I swear.

In the meantime, I highly encourage anyone in the area to pay a visit to Cabo Fish Taco in either Charlotte, NC or their Blacksburg, VA location. Because those delicious memories might just get you through eating oatmeal for dinner. All weekend.      It so happens.


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