A Very Merry Post Christmas Sentiment

Hey ya’ll,

I hope you had a ridiculously merry Christmas.

I had quite a bit of merriment myself.

There was so much food.

Delicious food.

My goodness, so delicious.

But uh… I have to tell you something.

First off, thank you for sticking out 25 days of cookies and confections with me.  T’was tough, but we managed.
I’m so cookied out, it’s not even funny.

Now, I absolutely must purge myself of rich and heavy holiday cuisine.

And I must focus on writing… but not here. Like elsewhere.
Application stuff. Cover letter stuff.  Magazine stuff. Serious stuff.

And I must travel. Some more.
Which is fun. So fun.
But requires that I take care of a lot of prep junk in the next few days. And well… I might be heading to a remote area. I might be shooting things. Life might get scary. And it might be awesome.
No, it definitely will be awesome.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t be insulted if we don’t see each other for a wee little while.
I’ve grown accustomed to every-other-day postings, and I’ll miss you. Forreal.

Me and my family wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

P.S. anyone wanna go on a spinach smoothie diet with me?
It could be such a legit idea. Just think about it.


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