Valdosta Visit: Steel Magnolias

Someone wanna please explain to me how today is already Thursday?

This week is being so darn ridiculous.

But anyway, I went to a newish restaurant this past weekend while visiting home… and regardless of how ridic irrational this week is acting, I absolutely can’t put off talking about it for one more day.

If we know each other in real life, I’m almost certain we’ve discussed the dinning desert that is Valdosta, GA. And if by chance you’ve ever mentioned Cheddar’s around me…

Let’s not even go there. This is a happy post.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown. True blue I do.    But it’s not exactly what one might consider a culinary mecca.

That’s why I’m presently super stoked for hungry Valdostan diners… ya see, this new restaurant, Steel Magnolias, might just be a fresh beacon of hope surfacing  among the chain eateries and long-established fine food posers around town.
This is a big deal.

The establishment is definitive of casual old south charm, yet subtly  flaunts a few upscale quirks. Spanning from an infectiously genial staff to a delicately composed interior and, of course, back to a menu radiating both culinary tact and soul, Steel Magnolias conveys a style of downright southern sophistication.

Each menu item reflects basic elements of classic country cuisine. In fact, most dishes rely primarily on old-school, po-dunk, hick food.
And it’s absolutely fantastic.

Take for instance my dish of Venison White Bean Ragu served over a warm cornbread cake… deer meat, beans, veggies, cornbread. That my friends is some hearty, economical farm food. Supremely prepared and presented in  pristine construction, such ingredients take on a vivacious voice proclaiming an authentic taste of southern foodways. While the plate’s actual composition  suggests something of Italian influence (reminds me a lot of polenta topped with a hearty bolognese sauce), combining such elements presents a better developed image of southern gastronomic heritage than deep-fried  everything coated with processed mayo.

And beyond that, it was really freaking tasty.

Utilizing locally-sourced ingredients of a notably superior quality, the restaurant resonates with sentiments thriving in multiple Athens, GA eatery forerunners– like Hugh Acheson‘s Five and Ten & The National  and our farm-fresh friends at Farm 255, just to name a few.
And seriously, I’m so ecstatic to witness foodtastic attitudes taking root in Valdosta.

Real talk, I can’t wait to go back again. And again. And again. Until I test out the entire menu.

My doll of a best friend allowed me a taste of her Truffled Chicken Pot Pie…. but I’m not sure a mere taste of the supple savory blend is gonna do it,  maybe I need the whole dagum dish next time around.

No maybees. I totally do

By the way, when you head on over to Steel Magnolias… even if you’re stuffed silly after joining the clean plate club with dinner, don’t skip dessert.

Promise me you won’t.

Banana Pudding Creme Brulee is truly as amazing as it sounds. If not more so.

Of course, I think you’ll be safe with just about whatever sweet pleasure you choose.

Example: Chocolate Pecan Pie… it’s more than likely epically better than whatever pie your auntie is pushing at Thanksgiving dinner this year. The crust is more of a sweet tart crust, than a traditional flakey pie pastry. It’s phenom. Plus it’s delivered in baby skillet. So adorbs.
I’m pleased to pay respect where due and give props to Steel Magnolias for joining the handful of truly legit players in Valdosta’s gastronomic game.

Keep it up ya’ll.


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