Athens Eats: Ted’s Most Best

That fantastic moment when what you expect might be good turns out being exceptional…

Oh yes sir.

Me likey.

Such was the case the night I experienced Ted’s Most Best.

I’ve no earthly clue who Ted is, but I don’t much doubt that he’s very possibly giving Athen’s his most best.

Focusing on pizzas, salads, panini and house-made desserts, Ted’s Italian-inspired menu highlights relatively simple selections composed with ace ingredients.  In short, straight forward food done right…    what more can you really ask for?

Not that I would expect anything less from The Grit’s Jessica Greene and Jay Totty, the fresh meal masters who opened Ted’s Most Best in the former Snow Tires building on Washington Street.

From the open portals composing the  street face of the restaurant (allowing diners to enjoy an airy atmosphere whether dinning indoors or on the exterior pavilion) to the casual charm exuded from affable staff awaiting to take your order at the counter, Ted’s rings with most pleasantly comfortable vibes ideal for a friendly gathering.

Or a quick, delicious bite with a fellow food enthusiast before the greatest cinematic display of the season.

Speedy service is a definite  plus when you’re cutting it close for a date with childhood relived. In addition to set menu items, the eatery offers a “build your own” option for pizza as well as various daily specials.

For whatever reason, my companion and I were enraptured with the words “goat cheese” during our visit.

Thank God.

Otherwise we may not have found ourselves sharing a Perella pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, prosciutto, fresh garlic and herbs) along with a Baked Goat Cheese salad.  Though richly tantalizing and fully satisfying, our cheesy selection was neither greasy nor grotesquely heavy.

On the occasions I can rise from a table recently bearing pizza and avoid feeling like a total lard…          that’s good. Real super good.

Honestly, I have a slight inkling that after a few more tastes of his most best, Ted’s may just become my new personal top stop for Athens pizza.

Never know, could be yours too. Give Ted’s Most Best a try at  254 W. Washington St.


One thought on “Athens Eats: Ted’s Most Best

  1. Darcy, I’m looking through Google Images to find a picture for the restaurant review I’m doing on Ted’s Most Best, and I see your image and post! Great minds think alike. Their pizza is delicious!

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