One Year Down…

365 days ago, I sat down on my bed.

It was past my bed time.

Still,  I went to and continued to sit on my bed, befuddled.     In fact, I sat there all night.

By dawn’s break,  the crude foundations of Beauty & the Feast had been birthed.

Looked somefin like this.



Why are newborns so unattractive?

Everything must start  somewhere, I suppose. We began here with Eclair Squares.

I’d like to think me & the Feast have come a long way since that fateful night.

Let me just start by thanking each and every individual who frequents/has frequented my blog. This started as an experimental project, yet has come to mean so very much to me, and so do you. To the skimmers, one-timers, and dedicated followers alike… you sir/madame, are the bomb. Really, you are.

To Beauty & the Feast itself, happy anniversary Boo Boo. This year has gone by so fast. You’ve annoyed me and challenged me; but at the end of the day, you bring out the best in me. You give me a sense of self. We’re good for one another.

We’ve definitely covered some major ground over the past year. Major ground, and major pounds.

For instance, I gained 30 lbs.                      Uh whoops?

All the while, fully embracing a love for boozy baking with bacon.


I was allowed into journalism school with the big boys and girls. They also accepted me into both my majors.      Sweetie pies.

I found employment that reminds me on the daily how small acts can press hefty impacts on folks.

I baked birthday cakes out the wazoo.

I ended up as a staff writer for the local student newspaper. Then, I quit.                                                 They didn’t like food enough.

I discovered the vibrant and abundant bounty to be had in eating Athens. Not to mention, I came to love this place with ridiculous intensity. There’s just something, something about this place.

And then, I left Athens behind for a sec. I ventured to way new places, saw way new things.

i.e. I was adventurous.           Or something.

First, I channeled my adventurousness northward… as in NYC. I was most definitely New York.

Minus almost being kidnapped by an unmarked cabbie who was unnaturally interested in my personal life… and my wallet.           It’s fine. I gots more street smarts now.                                                          Only get in yellow cabs.

But on the up side, I underwent the most divinely chocolate revelation of my life with Mr. Jacques Torres.

Oh, and I met a pretty incredible lady. She’s a fabulous mesh of food and media and sass.

She liked my blog.  A lot.

Which was cool, cause I like my blog a lot.

This common ground later landed me in Tampa, Florida


I worked as a restaurant critic. I worked in food radio PR. I worked on producing a cookbook.

Learned plenty about being tough, being fat and driving defensively.

Critical elements of life…      I mean, we should all liken ourselves to bad cuts of steak with road rage.     Right?

Of course beyond taking me to enriching geographical places, Beauty & the Feast has helped me arrive at a few splendiforous non-geographical places. I speak of eyes opening to things about myself, my writing, my cooking, my warm fuzzy passions and stuff.

Like, I faced cakes that scared me. I realized that if I want it, I can make it happen.        Always.

I realized that the ellipses is my punctuation comfort blanket.

I realized that families are weird. And not perfect. Which makes each perfect in their own imperfect way.

Similarly, I realized family isn’t strictly defined by blood. Family is the people you want to break bread with.        I have an immense family.

I realized that meowing is a total waste of breath when you know you can RAWR.

I realized I have an aptitude for being obscure.

I realized that I say duh, like, and totally far too often.       But I don’t totally don’t even much care. Like duh.

I realized that if you don’t do what makes you happy, no one else is gonna do it for you.

Most importantly, I realized that  life doesn’t operate according to your plans. No matter how grand they are.

So when the chocolate eclairs created as an homage to your semi-ghetto maiden blog post turn out to be a total bust, fret not.

Life is a mess. A delicious mess. As long as the flavor is present, there’s no harm in switching up a few logistics.

Go with your gut.  Enjoy the feast.  Keep living life… one bite at a time.

Individual Eclair Puddings

Take your fav eclair recipe… or any eclair recipe at all. I used this one from Food Network.

Prepare each component  as directed. Then, go manic on your baked pastry… tear into pieces and toss into a bowl. Combine thoroughly with the prepared pastry cream. Divide mixture into greased cups of a standard muffin pan.

Chill at least 4-6 hours. Up to 24 hours.

Run a knife around the edge of each cup and carefully turn out each pudding. Coat with chocolate ganache frosting.

Eat it.


3 thoughts on “One Year Down…

  1. Wow, one year old, Happy Birthday to the little tyke. I remember you in labor all night long but what a beautiful baby and that is somewhat of a rarity because almost all newborns are ugly. Except, of course, for my kids.
    I guess I will stop signing all my comments Scott since you now have a regular following. I just didn’t want the only comments on your page coming from your parents. That would be uh like totally lame.
    Congratulations on another milestone.

  2. aw Darcy congrats!! I love looking at your creations. One day when I have time I will try out all the ones without peanut butter!!

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