Athens Eats: Farm 255

This tends to be sort of an issue in the south, but I don’t much care for football.

Like at all.

However, game day in  Athens, GA ((i.e. yesterday)) reminds me exactly why I love it here so fudging much.


This city got spirit.

The intense soul that pulses through Athens is a sensation you gotta experience to fully understand.

It’s vivacious, it’s comfy, it’s invigorating and it engages all of the senses.

Now, why I love Farm 255

It tastes like Athens.

Fare at the Farm, from house-made bread to beefy burgers, simply feels real.

As in down-to-earth, feel-good type of real.

Which makes total sense being that Farm 255 is about as farm-to-table as you can go.    Well, without actually owning a farm.

And most of us do not.

But guess who does…

Within each of their dishes, the restaurant utilizes seasonal ingredients straight from their own farms.

Meaning…  the beef of my Farm Burger, along with the produce and cheese resting atop, may very likely have entered Farm 255’s doors in the arms of a farm hand/restaurant employee earlier that same day.

The staff here understands the food, knows where it comes from and does their darn bestest to ensure that your taste buds revel in their handiwork.

Result: finest display of a burger + fries plate I’ve seen in…                                          a real long time.

Think succulent  beef, luscious tomato, hint of basil, lip-smacking aioli sitting next to crisp, perfectly seasoned, earthy potatoes.


Of course if eating farm-fresh, off-the-chain chow isn’t really your thing, the Farm additionally hosts weekly live music performances in the outdoor patio area and offers a full-service bar within their rustically  chic interior.

If nothing else, you’ll probably want swing by to holler at a Farm 255 bar-master, Kaleb. He generally knows the up-&-up about what’s going down in Athens. Not a  bad person to chat with if you’re not completely settled into the city’s groove. Oh, plus he’s just about as sweet as the eatery’s creme brulee.

Speaking of, you’ll definitely need to order the creme brulee while you’re there,      and maybe a homemade oreo cookie.            = delicousdelicousdeliciousyummilydelicious x delicious.           Yeah.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that much like Athens itself, Farm 255 is a place for everyone.

Unique in structure, diverse in flavor, beautiful in execution…

Feels like home to me.


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