Athens Eats: Casa Mia

Next stop on my why-haven’t-I-put-this-food-in-my-face-yet-? train…

Casa Mia.

Psh. I wish this were my house.

With it’s distinctly warm  & genial atmosphere, Casa Mia is the kind of place where even a large group outing can feel like an intimate family dinner once seated and tearing into a basket of paper-thin tortilla chips splashed in bright, zesty salsa.

In joining forces with other members of their table, diners posses the power to design an ideal flavorful feast, as this eatery specializes in the Latin tapas tradition.

And let’s get real… plate-sharing is the ultimate bonding experience.

Right so…   I ingested the Casa’s Latino loving for the very first time with my roommate & a number of her lovely family members.

We ordered like a whole lotta food.

And I swear, every dish was beautiful… colorful & vibrant, in aesthetic and in eating.                           Thus, I deeply apologize that these here photos don’t serve any level of  justice. By any means. whatsoever.

Understand, when you’re in a public dinning atmosphere, flashing cameras  can be disturbing to some…   I’m not trying to be that embarrassingly weird chick snapping pictures of everyone’s  grub.

I don’t know. It brings shame to your table sometimes. Whatever.

For now, we can just say my rank photography is a symbolic statement concerning the hazy boundaries of what food and tradition truly mean in the lives of individual consumers… and you can go experience a table-load Casa Mia tapas for yourself in full-flavored potency.

Despite wandering into the restaurant during peak dinner hours, our party suffered a relatively painless wait at one of the eatery’s two full-service bars.

Throughout the meal, service remained prompt and courteous.

Along our table spread a glorious array including traditional classics like empanadas, arepas, steak skewers, plantanos maduros, chorizo, poblano queso dip and fried yucca; as well as a few Casa Mia originals, such as lamb lollipops and the Latin sushi roll.

If I were to elaborate on how much I indulgently delighted in each an every taste  from each and every plate… we’d be here for a while.

Strike that, I’d be here for a while. You’d stop reading and go get on with you life.              It’s cool. Totally understand.

That said, rest assured that not a single item within my samplings landed short of scrumptious. Every plate was carefully prepared to highlight each distinct element composing the dish and totally invigorate most every palatal region.

In other words… it was real good.

A meal of tapas stands firmly as one of my most favorite ways to eat.

A.) I’m disgustingly indecisive… this way, I can have it all.

B.) Tapas is an incredibly fun way to bring people together even more so than a typical meal. You’re sharing, you’re caring, it’s a beautiful thing.

From an intimate gathering for two to a festive party of twelve, Casa Mia seems to be an ideal destination where such a meaningful mesh of food and camaraderie thrives.

Tremendously tasty time-honored cuisine offered in a manner appealing to both college kids and seasoned foodies alike justly solidifies Casa Mia as an Athens eats standby.


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