Pizza a la St. Pete


Would it bug you if I were to bombard you with pizza porn right now?

Cause I might just do that.

I’ve been seriously craving some rocking pizza this week. The food gods heard me… and they delivered.

I love it when things work out like that.

See yesterday, I went to this nifty little place called Tour De Pizza  to grab lunch.

Sadly, I learned about the pizzeria only after it’d been robbed  & I was to get some details for work.

For being robbed, the owner, Matt McClellan, was incredibly friendly and upbeat. He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to come eat pizza.

So I did.

I guess I could have been sophisticated and put this on a plate for ya…     sorry.

Anyway, Tour De Pizza offers a wide selection of fresh and seriously delicious pizzas made whole to order or cut by the slice 7 days a week.

Eat it in, take it out, call for delivery or even have them prep a pizza for you to take & bake later. Whatever you’re feeling, my friend.

My personal selection: a slice of  “The People’s Champ” (olive oil glaze, mozzarella, fresh garlic, spinach, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese & oregano) + a slice of Chicago deep dish (thin crust piled with 2 layers of cheese, ham, pepperoni, sausage and tomato sauce with a finishing sprinkle of Parmesan cheese)= love.

You seem to find this a lot with locally owned & operated pizza places… what really distinguishes them as providing a quality dinning experience is the fact that they legit care. They intensely care for people and pizza. They care about each & every customer,  each & every slice.

And trust me, this dude Matt, he cares.

I mean he puts out his personal cell phone # so that customers can reach him directly…for whatever. If that’s not caring, I don’t much know what is.

And even though I’ve been claiming to be on a “diet” for what, like 3 weeks now? I didn’t feel awful about eating pizza in the slightest, because:

  1. Unlike too many pizzerias, Tour De Pizza’s pizza is as equally scrumptious “by the slice” (which is more like a quarter of a pizza) as it would be if you ordered the entire pie. And you can never feel awful about something you genuinely enjoyed eating. You just can’t.
  2. Tour De Pizza happens to be the birthplace of the 30 Day Pizza Diet. Haven’t heard of it? You might wanna check it out. Matt lost 20 lbs & gained national recognition by eating nothing but pizza for a solid month. I think I could deal with that.

Right so, Tour De Pizza… awesome.

Day before that, I had a totally different kind of pizza. A raw pizza.

Not like a  de-thawed  Digiorno and that no one felt  like actually cooking , but raw fusion-style Portobello Pesto Pizza courtesy of Dr. LindaJoy Rose.

The recipe utilizing a conventional pesto sauce and vibrant veggie accessories atop a layer of “raw-cotta” cheese and a crust formed with finely ground nuts, herbs and dates served as the main course at  a raw foods “uncooking” demo hosted by my amazing food & media mentor, Elizabeth Dougherty, in collaboration with Dr. LindaJoy.

Very unique, very clean eating. A completely new way to view pizza. Fa sho.

You should definitely tune in  right here to Food Nation Radio Network Saturday at 9:00 a.m. for further raw recipe details, broadcast coverage of this event and lots of other fabulous food festivity coming at you live.


One thought on “Pizza a la St. Pete

  1. Matt is awesome! I took my husband and kids there recently for the first time and he talked with us for about half an hour. We had a large pizza that was half Per-sciutto and half The MacClellan. You should try them out. Their both very tasty. The People’s Champ sounds/looks really good too. Maybe I’ll try that the next time I go.

    I’m so sure about that raw pizza though. I like pizza because it’s hot, crispy and topped with melted cheese. That one sounds more like a salad, but to each their own.

    Here’s a link to my TDP review.

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