Watermelon… that’s what’s up

Since the fateful day some curious soul tossed a few basil leaves into their bowl of fresh watermelon cubes, the simplistic delight in bathing the entire southern region of one’s mug in sticky sweet melon nectar after a deep face-first thrust to the rind has become vastly under appreciated.

I’m all for creativity in the kitchen. I did after all, once make pasta pudding.

It was weird. My friends gagged. It still comes up in conversation So embarrassing.

Point being, I’ve nothing against playing around  with watermelon. However, the other day I came across a recipe for a spicy watermelon and raw squid salad.


I’m sorry.    No.

Back in the day, the first gargantuan boulder-sized watermelon to appear in our fridge signified summer. Like for real.

Vividly, I recall lazy afternoons when Mama would call me in and cut a huge quarter from that melon, plop it on a plate and whip out two spoons. Then, we’d park it on the ugly blue braided rug that covered our glossy living room floor and dive into a refreshing taste of summer that was just so naturally perfect.

For me,  plain chunks of succulent melon are still a definitive summer sensation. Without so much  Gone with the Wind  nostalgia going on though. Now, I’m texting my mother about work and pralines and mom junk as I sit with a slice of watermelon on the floor   …mainly because I have no table in my wee studio apartment. Maybe someday I’ll have a little tater tot and for whatever reason, we’ll sit on a floor and get sticky melon face together.

One can hope.

Though for many an individual, contriving the oddest edible possibility involving watermelon seems to be the new summer fashion. And to you I say… whatever dude. Have fun.

In all fairness, sometimes you will find some pretty good-looking stuff that’s a bit of stroll off the beaten path. For a certain crowd and occasion, that’s all fine and dandy. But I’d like to share with you my personally treasured,  all-purpose, fail-proof recipe for watermelon.

Fail-proof Watermelon Paradise

  • 1 large watermelon
  • 1 large knife
  • 1 large roll of paper towels
  • enough spoons for however many faces present

I think you can figure this one out.


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