So today is my birfday.

I’ve been hanging around for two decades now. I guess maybe it’s not, but that seems like a really long time. Quite frankly, I’m rather confused as to how I got so old without noticing. Like, my mother was starting to spout children around this age…     ew.

Twenty…officially over the teens, and a mere year way from the final monumental birthday till 30. No lie, as of a week ago, I wasn’t too sure how to feel about that. I still have days where all I wanna do is get up, put on a colorful multi-patterned sweatsuit and  play N64 until I recapture my 90’s youth. But all in all, I think I can dig the upcoming decade.

Old enough to appreciate being young….        that’s what were going with.

In honor of the day, I compiled a nice montage of birthday cakes I’ve produced throughout this past year. Some of them link to a recipe if you click on the photo, some do not. Enjoy the excitement of uncertainty as you click away.

I feel as though I’ve covered a lot of ground in my young life; so in addition to the cake porn collage, below are some tid bits of life wisdom I’ve acquired thus far. One for every year of my existence. Not that you asked for fortune cookie advice, but it’s my one day out of the year…humor me.

My personal monstrosity of a fat kid dream cake in celebration of turning 19... peanut butter & cookie dough swirl cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache and crushed Reeses cups on fudge graham cracker crust

1.) Don’t be afraid to sound smart. Likewise, don’t be afraid to look dumb.

2.) Every now and then, forget that e-mail and Facebook exist… write someone a letter or  leave a little note instead. A small handwritten  act of thoughtfulness will make people remember you forever.

My dear biffle looking charming as ever with her red velvet layer cake plastered in white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

3.) Avoid boozing yourself into oblivion on a regular basis. You’ll lose a heck of a lot more than the occasional garment.

4.) Wear high heels whenever you feel the urge. I promise, you’re not overdressed or a freakishly tall giant…baby,  just keep walking on air. But skip wearing sunglasses indoors… you don’t look as cool as you think.

Mocha Macaroon cheesecake for my marvelous mama

5.) If you would talk trash about someone else doing it/wearing it/saying it… you best not ever do so yourself.

6.) Try not to eat cake for dinner more than three nights in a week.

An aminal birthday & Harry Potter premiere combo calls for cauldron cakes

7.) Don’t lose your head over minor details that aren’t actually going to affect the grand scheme of your life. After all, there are scarier things in this world than an overdue bill or cellulite.

8.) When dealing with grumbly jerks, smile alot. It’s either going to soften them or annoy the snot out of them. Either way, you win.

A chocolate and peanut butter truffle cake that was more than my Amandy Pants could handle.

9.) You’re the only you you have, so respect yourself. Mind, body and soul…love you. If that means getting up and going to the mirror every morning and saying, “Hey ___________, I love you. You’ve got some funky issues, but it’s cool, I’m still really proud to be the same person as you, ” then do it.

10.) Don’t knowingly pick up a bad habit with intentions of quitting it later. Later may come much later than you expected.

A Sicilian blackberry & hazelnut liquor torte with white chocolate buttercream that kept me in the kitchen until 3 am...only for my stupendous baby sister.

11.) Wash out that nasty potty mouth. Talking like a wronchy sailor isn’t cute.

12.)  8.5 times out of ten, put other people before yourself.

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with Butterfinger frosting to brighten my beautiful A-Carter's birthday, because she brightens every day I ever encounter her.

13.) Whether it’s a good day, a bad day or a straight up weird day…remember to thank the big dude upstairs. Even if it’s one you’d like to regift or return at customer service, every single day is a gift.

14.) Drink plenty of water. You can’t tackle life dehydrated.

A cake to match my bestie's dirty princess attitude... bourbon caramel cheesecake on a brownie base, bathed in bourbon caramel sauce and a chocolate drizzle, then finished off with crushed Snickers bars, chocolate-dipped cookie dough bites and chocolate covered bacon. There's a good reason Mal and I are best friends...we get eachother.

15.) Go with your gut now. Ask questions later.

16.) There’s no shame in being wrong and there’s no shame in asking for help. There is, however, shame in arguing like a jackass over being right.

For a girl who brings sunshine wherever she goes (largely because of her shimmery blonde hair)... s'mores cupcakes

17.) If you’re blessed enough to see that something genuinely makes you happy, DO IT. Do it with every fiber of your being.

18.) Maintain a relatively clean bathroom. You never know when someone is gonna stop in with a full bladder, and the last thing you need is some rando thinking you’re unsanitary.

Classic red velvet birthday cupcakes for some chick I don't know.

19.) If someone doesn’t wanna be a part of your life, don’t force them. Unless you’re they’re mama, that’s rude. By the same token, if someone consistently treats you like poop, cut them out. Do it now. (Refer to # 9).

20.) Sometimes the best therapy on God’s green earth is dancing to spunky tunes  in notta but your undies. I highly recommend it.

Ahh sweet memories... The last cake I've had made for me. A fluffy strawberries and cream cake my mom baked for my 18th birthday.

Yeah, that’s where we’re at for now.    20 years, a lot of life lessons, plenty of cake.

The inspiration for this post came from a birthday dedication a while back by Joy the Baker. Her blog is the bomb and sure to make ya grin.

My oldy moldiness is now on a mission to find the most epic dessert in the Tampa Bay area. Happy Birthday to meeeee.


3 thoughts on “TWENTY

  1. I loved the whole thing. I needed to read some of your life lessons. it was great!

    happy birthday biffle!! i hope you had an amazing 20th birthday:) I love you!!

  2. Oh my gosh Darcy, I am ever amazed by you. I think some of those lessons seem totally drected at me. LOL! You are the best. Happy, Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Wonderful Daughter. I love you!!!!

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