Last Resort Grill

After being told multiple times by multiple people that “omg Last Resort is like the best restaurant in Athens,” I finally went.

Was it like omg the best restaurant in Athens?                I don’t know.

Have I haven’t eaten everywhere in Athens?                     Not uh.

Brief side note, neither I nor anyone I associate with literally use the acronym “omg” in conversation.                 At least, I hope none of us do.

Raging battles in the streets of downtown Athens over where to go grub for a relaxing Sunday night meal ultimately landed my dining companion and I here, at the Last Resort Grill.

You might say it was our last resort…                       mwahahahahhaha              Not really.  You might not.

Anyways, let’s get to it.

In terms of atmosphere, Last Resort at dinner time was not quite my cup of tea. It was loud, it was busy, it was cramped and it was  making me tense. I truly wish you could have witnessed Darcy the giraffe trying to navigate between tables, chairs and unrelenting servers in hopes of making it to the restroom.        I ended up awkwardly brushing my butt across someones table…

I don’t care who you are, table butt brushing is uncouth.   Always.

And if we wanna get nit-picky, and Lord knows I do, our waitress was painfully distracting…    Not in her attentiveness and not in her extensive knowledge of the menu, but much more so in that the minute portion of her boobs that were were actually strapped under a shirt, were going to explode out at any given second.        I feel like that breast arrangement had to be as physically uncomfortable for her as it was for me to order dinner with them in my face.

Is it inappropriate to address a server’s boob-related wardrobe malfunctions on a public forum?     Whatever. I already talked about rubbing my butt on tables. I’m the boss around here anyway.

On that note, I think it’s time to switch gears.      FOOD…

Last Resort’s crab cakes landed at the top of the class. It’s usually risky business ordering crab cakes, because you never know whether you’re  actually gonna end of with crab cakes or fishy tasting cornmeal cakes. Thankfully, the whopping bulk of an LR cake is indeed crab meat held together with Panko bread crumbs, rather than cornmeal. The Panko yields a  pleasantly crisp-crusted and flavorful crab cake, sure to please even the most particular crab cake  connoisseur. Additionally, the red pepper aioli served with the appetizer is a most perfect accompaniment.

Other small plates include a variety of choices ranging from fried green tomatoes to black bean crepes, priced between $5 and $8.


My friend and I split the U-10 Scallops, consisting of four cracked black pepper cornmeal dusted jumbo scallops sautéed in a warm spring gazpacho, served with mashed potatoes, topped with frisée & fried onion ring.

(Please excuse my admittedly awful photo, but after trying twice, I consider it rude to keep setting of a flash in a dark dinning room. You know.)

Anywho, to start, the side salad itself was nothing to write home about… greens, a few carrot shreds and a sole cherry tomato. However, Last Resort’s signature vidalia bacon dressing was one of those that makes you want to like your plate in public.    Being that I already used up my rude points with that butt thing,  I resisted. Promise.      And if this says anything of the warm bread and butter, we may or may not have eaten the entire basket, sans one slice.    (psst..we did).

As for the actual entree, I was initially a smidge hesitant simply because I’m not used  to seeing scallops served with mashed potatoes. All the same, it totally worked out…awesome. The potatoes were an amazing sponge to soak up the vibrant, flavorful broth from the gazpacho, yet maintained their own distinct identity on the palate. Seriously, mashed taters done right. They had a supple rich  smoothness, but you would still encounter a solid lump occasionally which denoted that you were actually eating mashed potatoes; not a puree.

The scallops were fork-tender, cooked to perfection and paired marvelously with the fresh vegetables of the gazpacho. What more can you ask for?         Notta alotta.

Though there was relatively little onion to the onion ring, it was held by possibly the most flavorful casing I’ve ever experienced on a fried side. Tasted like was dipped in Dorito.                 Kinda weird. Kinda delicious.

The menu offers a fair selection of entrees featuring poultry, beef, pork and seafood; as well as, various pasta dishes. Spanning from $11-$25. Each dish seems to be very thoughtfully constructed; thus, I really don’t think you would leave disappointed with your meal, regardless of what you choose.

Overall: Not gonna go tell people Last Resort is the best eating experience to be had in Athens, but I would certainly recommend it. The hustle and bustle of peak dinner hour was too busy for my taste, but perhaps arriving earlier in the evening or for lunchtime might yield a more relaxed atmosphere. Food was of definite top quality. Service was friendly, but obviously overwhelmed by the crowd…and needed more shirt.



One thought on “Last Resort Grill

  1. I like the honest assessment. There have been a few places that folks have raved about around here but have fallen short of their over the top praises.

    But as foodies, I think it is that we just have very high standards.

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