Butt Hutt Bar-B-Q

Know what I wish?

I wish for world peace, I wish pants were never invented, I wish I had a waffle iron, I wish for a thousand more wishes, annnd I wish everyday could be a Butt Hutt day.


Mhmm. Get ready for this.

How can I even begin to explain the joy that is  Butt Hutt Bar-B-Q?

It lives down the street from me…it’s attached to a gas station…and it’s awesome. The end.

Not really.

I pass the Butt Hutt just about everyday on my walk to class, and for the longest time, I was rather skeptical of it. But I had a lingering curiosity… its ora of down-home local flavor called to me, then I began hearing tell of the greatness within.

I was ready; it was time…time for a pilgrimage to the Hutt of Butt.

Attempt # 1: Fail.        Don’t try to acquire Butt Hutt Bar-B-Q fulfillment on a Sunday night. Not gonna happen. They go home.

Attempt# 2: Glory.        My best friend happened to be in town for the weekend. We were straggling to Jimbo’s Gas Station in our PJs to buy eggs for a late breakfast. We did not find eggs at Jimbo’s; however; we did find  heavenly aromas of smoking meat in the air from Jimbo’s next door neighbor. Twas fate.

We sat outside for 40 long minutes until Butt Hutt opened, and it was worth every second of anticipation and every single odd glance we received…cute site that we were.

Attempt #3: Utter Satisfaction. I have a new life mission to convert everyone who’s anyone into a Butt Hutter. Starting with my roommate. A  mundane Tuesday night became magical when roomie dearest was feeling too lazy for cooking …because then, it became a Butt Hutt night.

Now that I’ve sufficiently bored you with stories of my life, let’s break down what there is to love about the Butt Hutt.

Given this is a BBQ joint, I guess we should start talking meat. My only experience thus far has been with the pulled pork, but the Hutt offers a meaty selection of BBQ chicken, ribs, burgers, dogs,  and chicken sandwiches & tenders. As far as the pig goes…well my friends, it’s bar-b-q done right. Tender and infused with a deep smokiness that compliments the accompanying BBQ sauce, rather than being lost underneath it.

The “sweet” sauce is perfect for my weakling heat-tolerance. It has a full-bodied sweetness with an underlying tang and a level of spice that is straight up designed for optimal barbecue bliss.

Now, my top priority in the southern BBQ experience is the side items. The side dish menu is where Butt Hutt truly stole my heart. With their most recent addition of mac-n-cheese, they almost have the board covered. The only major component they lack is some form of sweet potato casserole…once they have that, their hog heaven powers will be unstoppable.

I’ve been impressed with the ground covered thus far…

  • baked beans– I often judge the quality of an establishment by their beans. Butt Hutt’s are undeniably good, maintaining the robust smokey-sweet balance that’s predominant in their BBQ. A little heavy-handed on the black pepper for my personal taste, but a winner all the same.
  • corn nuggets–The closest thing you’re probably ever get to a literal gold nugget in this lifetime. Order them.
  • stew–Smokey, meaty, flavorful and delicious for sure…but not life-changing. A smidge more emphasis on the veggie components would make a world of difference.
  • fried okra– Can’t-beat-it, slap-yo-mama good.

My roommate granted the mac-n-cheese her seal of approval. My next objective is to tackle the onion rings, potato salad, and coleslaw. I will eventually try them all.

The restaurant hosts a friendly staff & offers dine-in or dine-out options. The entire menu is very reasonably priced. A Small Butt Plate provides more than ample meat, your choice of two sides, and a couple slices of white bread to cradle all that classic BBQ lovin.

No matter where I go, and what I eat classic southern grub will always remain one of my top picks. Thus, Butt Hutt Bar-B-Q is definitely  moving in amongst my Athens favs.

In addition to everything featured here, Butt Hutt has breakfast, nanner pudding, and cute t-shirts…all of which I want real bad.

Unpretentious, down to earth, local flavor. You need it. Go get it.


11 thoughts on “Butt Hutt Bar-B-Q

  1. Just want to let you know that we are “tweaking” our Sunday hours….right now we are open on Sundays from 11:30 am until 6:00 pm, but we are thinking about extending until 8:00 pm:)) Just an FYI!

  2. I’m from Alabama which has a big Bar-b-q rep. It is the home of the original Dreamland ribs, Woodrows, and numerous other Bar-b-q traditions, none of which can touch the Butt Hutt experience. It’s ran with Pride, Confidence, and integridy. They have catered for me and will continue to do so when I have any occasion that requires their services. Way to Go Guys, Buster

  3. Reading your comments and looking at the pictures from Butt Hutt, I just have one question: Do you deliver???? I only live about 500 miles away! But I’m ready!

    A former Athenian

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