Graze Burgers & Salads

I’m really awful when it comes to covering restaurants.

Mainly because  I  either don’t have my camera, or I’m too infatuated with my food to remember that I actually have it.

This past weekend for instance, I had two sensational dining-out experiences…do I have any visual record?                   NOPE.

No worries though, they both ranked amongst my new top Athens restaurant picks, so they will have their Kodak moment. You just wait.

So for now, hows about we focus on some grub your eyes can feast on.

Graze Burgers & Salads isn’t your typical all-American burger stand. With patty choices ranging from traditional beef and turkey burgers to more exotic choices of wild boar, duck, Cajun gator, etc., plus an extensive list of toppings and condiments, they offer the some serious customizable cuisine.  Burgers come in 3 ounce portions so you can try out a couple of different combos.

Vegetarians need not feel excluded, there are a number of anti-carnivorous-friendly options. In fact, I hear their falafel  is some of the best in Athens. Not to mention, the salads are as infinitely adaptable as the burgers.

There are a number of preconceived combination concepts listed on the menu for the terribly indecisive (Hi, my name is Darcy), but I personally think  it’s way more fun to design your own. I legit had to write my ordering plan of action down.

And you of course have a selection of typical deep-fried burger sides such as sweet potato fries, curly fries, onion rings and tater-tots.

Love tots.

I absolutely love the concept of Graze, however my first experience with them was… ehhh so-so.

Being that at first glance, the menu is a tad overwhelming, both my roommate and I were struggling with how to go about formulating a coherent order, and our waitress (sweet as she was) was a bit on the inattentive side.

They were out of turkey, wild boar, and venison patties…which sadly eliminated my top two choices, so I went with a bison burger dressed in sautéed onions and Swiss. The burger itself was not exceptionally flavorful and was rather dry. It actually sent me on a trip down memory lane to childhood cook-outs with those big boxes frozen Bubba Burgers. However, I truly feel that a different patty option may have proven more impressive. My roommate swears her burger was not dry in the least. So there ya go.

Now I will say, the salad was incredibly impressive. A side salad would honestly be enough for a light meal and is likewise totally fun to construct. The ingredient selections were notably fresh and my choice of a Greek feta vinaigrette was downright delish. One burger and a side salad gives you a totally full meal with insane options at a decent price. Basic burgers start at $2.49 and increase with how exotic you go and how many toppings you pile on.

I would definitely pay Graze another visit and try for a slightly better burger experience. Wanna come?


Sure ya do. It’s a date.



6 thoughts on “Graze Burgers & Salads

  1. I remember those Bubba burgers! I just watched Rachel Ray make some 100% ground chicken breast burgers with Havarty(?) cheese crumbled up in them yesterday with spinach, tomatoe, & sliced radish topped with a sour cream/dill sauce. Sounds like what you’re describing at Graze. Hmmm!

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