Oh Hey There 2011

One of my first self-improving tasks for 2011 is a serious dietary detox…you know like all fruits, veggies, rainbows, and sunshine. Just so I can remember how to eat like a normal healthy person, instead of sugar-crazed American 5 year old’s dream come true.

It’ll be truck loads of fun. I have my new booty-toner tennis shoes and bon apetit put out a pretty spiffy “Foodie Cleanse” for people who really like food…but uh maybe liked food a little  too much over the holidays. You should check it out with me…http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/food-lovers-cleanse

Lord knows I love a good dessert as much as anyone ever could, but quite frankly, I kinda miss wholesome and nutritious eating…and moreso, I miss not feeling like a sloppy pudgepoodle.

…I’m not real sure where that came from, but I suppose pudgepoodle is a pretty accurate description for my current state of being. I knew this was coming, I always do, yet that sure never makes me think twice before completely overdoing it those last couple of weeks in December. And honey sugar pie, lemme tell you…I shamelessly indulged.

Gotta say, one of my fav Christmas gifts this year was spending a few days at the beach with some family up in Georgetown, South Carolina.

The experience didn’t exactly help counter that whole indulgence factor… in any way whatsoever… but the relaxation, the company, and the vast availability of fresh seafood made the poundage I packed on over the week fully worthwhile. 

But honestly, there’s next to no way you’re gonna keep from growing a slight food baby in your belly when you got an uncle whipping out low country boil, a grandma dishing up piles of rich meaty lasagna, and  magical mountains of cookies that  never shrink…so many flipping cookies.

I reveled in ever single solitary bite.

If there was some way to just drench my entire life in Gram’s marinera sauce, believe me, I would.


  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the fam for other reasons not related to my fattitude.

Like how often do you get the chance to go see the strip that used to be your pop’s old stomping grounds? He showed us all the fresh Myrtle Beach hangouts back in the day.

Shoot, I even had my first visit to a legit arcade. My new calling in life might just be skee-balling.

Also had my first ever encounter with a porta-potty.

The porta-potty was not nearly so fun as skee-ball.

Actually, it was rather horrifying…I got locked in. Fortunately my radiant 9-year old cousin managed to free me before an all-out panick attack set in.

Bless her.



Did I happen to mention the copious amounts of seafood to be had?

See, I have this general rule that if a restaurant is nowhere near a body of water, you just shouldn’t order seafood. And since we were right on the water, this was quite a treat.

 In fact, I was so jazzed to start stuffing my face at River Room, I failed to take any pictures of the actual food. I know, I’m a failure, I’m sorry, you just have to use your imagination.

At the suggestion of my  Uncle Billy, I went with the shrimp and grits. Andouille sausage and fresh shrimp cooked to perfection in a light, flavorful broth resting on a luscious bed of creamy grits…holy holy hallelujah. 

 It pays to have a soul-food conesiour for an uncle.

Speaking of soul food, wanna take a gander at where we dined on the way home?

Be jealous.

Chickin Lickin being right next to the gas station we pit-stopped at…that my friends, is what you call destiny and you do not deny destiny.

 Twas a godsend on a paper plate.

I had a persistent hankering for baked beans and candied yams and we just weren’t going to make it to our originally intended bbq destination. Finger lickin fried chicken was a pretty righteous substitute. Yes sir.

Is it just me or is that dietary cleanse thing is starting to look slightly less appealing?

I have another food-like resolution for the new year: cook more meat.

Such as the succulent roast lamb I feasted on for New Years Eve dinner at one of the few enjoyable restaurants Valdosta, Georgia has to offer. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to slap  Giulio’s on your “to dine” list. This family-owned and operated eatery serves up exceptional Italian and Greek dishes and offers one of the best atmospheres around. Do it.

Anyway, back to meat. I literally never eat the stuff if I’m not dinning out.  I’m not terribly comfortable preparing it. But mark my words, I shall improve. 

You just wait, 2011…year of the carnivore. Rawr.


4 thoughts on “Oh Hey There 2011

  1. That cleanse looks great! I saw it the other day – if I only I had that much will power! I’ve been trying to cut back on meat since the New Year started – I’ve only had fish so far and it’s the 4th! Let’s see how long I can keep up that charade, especially after that fried chicken picture!

  2. Just thought you’d like to know I’ve added this great looking blog to my blogroll. That fried chicken looks as you suggested, “a godsend.” Reminds me to try out a recipe for some great looking fried chicken I just found in a magazine. Anyhow, I like what you’re doing here and I’ll be sure to check back often!

    • I have likewise added you to my roll…although I’m still trying to figure out how to get that visible on the homepage with my current layout settings. Technology is not among my uh strengths, ha.
      Glad to have come across your Twitter/blog….and ohh buddy, best of luck with that fried chicken!

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