A Little Thanksgiving PSA

Thanksgiving is  a shining beacon of the captivating splendor that food possesses.

However, as we come together with loved ones at the table, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the feast and bypass a good bit of the beauty to be had.

So as you settle on the couch with a fat plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and admire your Black Friday shopping trophies, I ask you to take a moment and consider the reason we dedicate hours to roasting large birds and mashing potatoes and folding napkins every year anyway.


Pretend you’re dyslexic, and you’ve got the heart and soul of the holiday: giving thanks. It’s an attitude that should engulf our entire holiday season… and the whole dagum year for that matter.

Be thankful for the food on your plate and the roof over your head.

Be thankful for the folks with whom you share all of the above.

Be thankful for familia.

Be thankful for every single crazy cousin, nutball uncle, and goofy grandma. Really, where else are you gonna get that quality of entertainment?

Be thankful for the family members that don’t judge you for eating way too much…then waiting for your food baby to settle and eating way too much again.

Be especially thankful if you have a family full of excellent cooks that make your gluttony worthwhile.

Be thankful for the sweet moments in life, no matter how brief or simple.

Be thankful for the friendships that time and distance cannot touch.

Be thankful for  new friendships that bring even more smiles to your face.

Be thankful for each and every struggle, setback, and road-bump that knocks you on your butt. Be thankful for the strength and wisdom you gain from standing up again.

Be thankful for any opportunity you encounter to learn something new or improve yourself.

Be thankful for every ounce of love in your heart, and share it with absolutely anyone who will accept.

Be thankful if you have a grandma that disregards fruitcake’s terrible reputation and continues to bring it to holiday functions. Say what you will, that stuff is delicious.

I am personally thankful for all of you lovely peoples who come take part in Beauty & the Feast and wish you the happiest of holidays.

Season’s Eatings!


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