Savannah…Land of Adorable Dreams Come True

 Remember how I told you I was going to Savannah over the weekend? I did.

We’re lucky this is a food blog, because there was alot of fooding this weekend. However, it’s rather regrettable that this is not an insanely awesome people/place blog…because that was happening alot too. Savannah is officially one of my new fav places. Wish you could’ve come.

No worries though, I plan to fill you in. You lucky duckies. Prep yourself for a montage of highly entertaining photos, anecdotes, and recipes.

Reason number one why I adore Savannah: It’s pretty. So pretty. Pretty and old. I love old pretty antiques, historic districts, and grandmas.

Reason number two why I should buy a weekend house in Savannah: Awesome people live there. If I lived there, I too could be awesome.

Allow me to elaborate. Want to know what I arrived to in Savannah..




This beautiful face, that’s what. Meet Rachel, you may have heard of her. I’ve deemed her adorable umpteen times already. Let’s just call this thing Rachel & the Feast from now on.

There’s good reason as to why I’m such a Rachel fan. It starts with the fact that besides her sweet face, I arrived on Friday to a spanking new beautiful apron. I call it spanking new because the girl made it with her own two hands the night before I came.                                           







I kid you not…after we had discussed all the baking we planned to do, Ms. Artsy Fartsy Precious Pants just whips out a couple of custom aprons. No biggie. Only one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

They were quite handy as we did get pretty friendly with the oven. Looking unbearably cute the entire time.

First project of the weekend… straight devious.


If a spiced maple cupcake, filled with warm gooey apples, coated in a Captain Morgan rum-cream cheese frosting, and topped with crunchy bacon bits sounds enticing to ya, you may wanna walk this way…Apple Filled Maple Cupcakes with Captain’s Cream Cheese Frosting.


Meet Alan. He’s Rachy’s boy-toy. He fought for using bacon. He also cooked the bacon to perfection. Go Alan go.From this moment on, we shall refer to him as Captain Bacon. Like his girlfriend, Alan is what you consider a cool art kid. He goes to SCAD. Which stands or Super Cool Art Dudes.

Not really, but that’s what Alan and all his friends are.


So is my Becca Boo. We’ve been friends since we were three year old tater tots. That’s alot years, if you were unaware. I love the art kids. I wish I could take them home with me.

Right so.. boozy bacon cupcakes– amazing, watching SCADians play weird frisbee games in halloween costumes– epic, wandering through downtown Savannah– divine, Saturday kitchen adventures– ummm..

I don’t really want to talk about it. I think we were cursed for not dressing up on Halloween. Let’s just take away two important lessons from here: 1.) no one is above using a candy thermometer & 2.) “Off” and “Broil” do not perform the same functions on an oven.

 The Pumpkin Streusel Cake Bars were thankfully still scrumptious after the charred streusel was replaced with leftover Captain Cream cheese frosting, but burning the sugar syrup for the popcorn balls was terribly frustrating… when frustration strikes, I usually end up with chocolate and peanut butter in my hands. Slightly dangerous

To tell you the truth, I think Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee Crunch Corn is better than popcorn balls anyway.

I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I was to have to leave Sunday. I just wanted to stay in this magical little old artsy fairy land forever.

At least I did get to eat a piece of goat cheese, spinach, and roasted tomato pie off of a paper plate before I left.

If you’re ever in the area, you need to stop at Papillote. It’s made-from-scratch, amazing French cuisine, convenient for anyone and everyone to eat on the go or sit around and try every truffle on the premises.

This savory pie was so good I wanted to cry.


     Other popular choices are Le Parisien and of course, the Croque Monsieur.

Also, order the hand-squeezed lemonade. You won’t regret it.


   I won’t judge you if you if you’re heading to your car now.

    …So precious, so delicious.

Like me and Rachel and our aprons.

I’m moving to Savannah. The end.


4 thoughts on “Savannah…Land of Adorable Dreams Come True

  1. YESSS your cyber baby just turned into a toddler. Congrats. COME BACK RIGHT NOW, I’m hungry. (: Seriously though, please do come back soon. I’ve decided my next feat is cooking, instead of baking. And cooking something healthy, at that. *gasp* I know. PS I really love your little blurb about “off” and “broil” not being synonymous… who’da thunk? Not this girl. (: Miss you, come back and wear adorable aprons and cook adorable foods and be adorable. Duh.

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