No Place Like Home

Sometimes you really wanna go… where everybody knows your name. And and, ya know what? Those same folks… they’re always glad you came.  For me, that place would be the lovely city of Valdosta, GA. You may have heard of us, but I doubt it.

Anywho, I spent this past weekend there; and let me tell you, nothing heals a weary mind/body/soul quite like a visit home. Seriously, so great. I feel compelled to share the story with you. Weeeee this will be fun.

So once upon a time, a tired young Darcy hopped on her trusted steed, Cammie the Camry, and traveled 4 long hours to the far away land of Valdosta, where many a magical adventure awaited her. Upon arrival, she and her elder brother journeyed to see  their wise old G.G. (aka great-grandmother). The feisty little  Italian is 97, and an absolute riot to say the least.  Dirty sense of humor and makes mean ravioli. My hero. 

The duo then returned to the homestead where there was pizza and  Tina Fey hilarity for all! Followed by intense couch therapy and Food Network with Papa Lenz.

The following day promised a multitude of further escapades for Darcy. Beginning with the renowned fall Honeybee Festival. An utmost illustration of deep south community. Parades of tractors and pick up trucks, tents bursting with a random assortment of homemade junk, and  hotdog/funnel cake/lemonade/whatever carnival food  you can imagine  stands as far as the eye can see. The air smells deep-fried.

Rows of homemade goodies christening plastic cloaked card tables. That’s homey right there. Darcy picked up a few enchanted pears, no biggie.

The remainder of the afternoon was filled with much-needed haircuts (accompanied by the finest beauty parlor conversation, of course), followed by a most jovial gathering with more relations. Not only are Darcy’s relatives basically hysterical, but they bestow her with scrumptious peanut butter… not too shabby a crowd to spend an afternoon with.

Ah yes, this precious couple are crucial characters in the plot of Darcy’s life story. Meet Ellen and Brianna, two of Darcy’s closest companions. Tried and true. Together, this illustrious trio form the noble institute known as BED.

This particular evening, BED’s quest for sustenance and authentic local flavor amongst the rather pathetic Valdosta culinary scene brought them to the recently established Rhythm and Blues restaurant.

Ohhh buddy, here comes the good part. Get ready..

 Rhythm and Blue‘s menu boasted a fine assortment of soul food, but there was only one dish to satisfy Darcy’s appetite that night… CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. Darcy had  heard tell of the mythical duo, but had yet to find solid evidence of its existence and had long hungered to taste the salty-sweet enchantment. This holy maple syrup-filled grail, along with a plate of pristine fried green tomatoes, did not fail to disappoint. The crispy salty fried chicken paired with fluffy waffle all coated in sweet maple stickiness is nothing short of tantalizing. Everyone needs to try it…at least once.

One should really never disturb Darcy as she demolishes two platefuls of deep-fried gold. A bit of an ogre may surface.


 BED’s purpose lies in joy, comradery, loyalty, and extensive bouts of laughter. The members often sacrifice their dignity for the sake of this righteous cause. After much frivolity, the trio took their full bellies to a most mystifying destination…WalMart. Here they encountered many a treacherous trial in order to acquire the essentials for a time-honored autumn ritual. 

Pumpkin carving! Which is way more fun in theory than practice. Oh well, there was hot chocolate, so who cares?

Once the traditional BED slumber party concluded with the traditional morning donuts, Darcy spent a most relaxing Sunday attending church and lunch with her great-grandmother, great-aunt, and an uncle who is just kind of great. The remainder of the day panned out with couch movies with mother,  video games with brother, and a treasured reunification with a Sir Thomas of Davidson University.

The blessed weekend finally at an end, Darcy  rose at 5:45 on Monday morning and ventured  back to Athens, where she failed to make it to class. So she reflected on how insanely awesome her family,friends, and chicken-n-waffles are instead.


(It’s funny because the illustration is Ellen’s rear end, HA!)


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