Athens Farmers Market

I need to tell you about something real nifty. I’m gonna tell you about this niftyness with a variety of lists, because I tend to express my life in lists when I get all jittery and scatter-brained. Which happens to be now. Let’s do it.

Meet my pal Jess. Jess is super amazing. I adore Jess because:

a.) She’s a bit of a foodie.

b.) She brings me delicious coffee that she grinds herself before early morning expeditions.

c.) She is exponentially more gifted with technology than I and generously aids me in overcoming my tech struggles. You can thank her for my lovely new blog header and the fact that I now have a recipe index.

Okay, so Jess is great…know what else is great? The Athens Farmers Market, duh. This little sea of white tents that pops up in Bishop Park every week is the place to be on Saturday mornings. Oh the things you will find…

 Of course there is plentyyyyy of amazing, fresh produce supplied by local farms. As if that weren’t enough, you could also go home with..

a loaf of homemade bread. So wholesome. Or maybe you might grab..

 a bouquet of the perdiest dern flowers around, to put on the table where you serve your delicious fresh produce and freshly baked bread. I’m using the word “fresh” alot, this can’t be coincidental. Other amazing items you could enrich your life with include:

  1. meat, eggs, and poultry
  2. various cheeses and yogurt
  3. pasta and other carby yum yums
  4. coffee and juice
  5. arts and crafts of all sorts

All of the above being locally and lovingly handcrafted just for you.  AWESOME? I think so.

 Oh yeah, they even pair all the amazingness with a soundtrack of live, local musicians. Geeeeeeeeze.

Shoot, I forgot one of the best parts. Prepare yourself for…

EMPANADAS!!!!!   I can’t believe I’ve gone through life thus far, completely unaware that butternut squash actually belongs in a warm, flakey shell of empanada-goodness. Hello magic in my mouth.

Alright, so if there was even the slightest shadow of a doubt as to why the Athens Farmers Market officially replaces Disney World as the happiest place on earth, allow me to provide yet another list:

  • Eating local is the way to go. The food is WAY better. Better tasting, better quality, better for ya. Look, I don’t care what anyone says, Wal-Mart does not care about you. At all. Sorry.  Also, there’s something to be said for supporting your local economy. Alot of somethings. EAT LOCAL.
  • The sense of community is indescribable. Thus I can’t really describe it, so you should probably just come experience. I promise, you  can’t help but have happy feelings.
  • You WILL find super cool stuff.
  • The Athens Farmers Market is just straight up fun.

So, if you’re lucky enough to live in Athens I highly suggest you drag your booty out the bed next Saturday morning and meet me at the farmers market. If you live elsewhere, you probably have something equally fantasmic near by…you should find it.

Be sure bring home  some sock-rocking peppers. It’s crucial.


3 thoughts on “Athens Farmers Market

  1. So much love! 🙂

    I’ll help you with your technology any day… and we’re definitely going back JUST to get empanadas. Every Saturday.

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